Funding Your Healthcare Vision

Purpose to Profit #6: The 3 Actionable Steps for Living Out Your Purpose

August 11, 2021 Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo Episode 93
Funding Your Healthcare Vision
Purpose to Profit #6: The 3 Actionable Steps for Living Out Your Purpose
Show Notes

We have done the work to understand what we want to do and the exact steps we need to take to get us there. Now, we have to believe in ourselves enough to get it done. That’s why episode 6 of the Purpose 2 Profit Series of the Melanin & Medicine Podcast brings us back to episode 77 and talks about getting us from the point of dreaming to actually doing!  

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In this episode of the Melanin & Medicine Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of breaking down your projects into actionable steps to live out your purpose.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The three steps to move your dreaming into doing: Brainstorming, Blocking, and Building. 
  • Creating SMART goals that will drive you towards success. 
  • Using chunking and linking to break up your task list, stop procrastinating on it, and tackle it like a professional. 
  • Taking time blocking beyond your work life to allow yourself the time for not only work but also socializing and recovery. Both are equally as important on the pathway to success.
  • Creating a toolbox to fill the gaps in your strengths and asking yourself if you would rather invest time or money into filling these gaps?

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