Funding Your Healthcare Vision

Episode 111: Stop Letting Workplaces Limit Your Legacy

December 15, 2021 Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo Episode 111
Funding Your Healthcare Vision
Episode 111: Stop Letting Workplaces Limit Your Legacy
Show Notes

When Black women in medicine start to prioritize their dreams and aspirations, they can build wealth, legacy, and find fulfillment in themselves in order to provide it to others. That’s why episode 111 of the Melanin & Medicine Podcast is encouraging listeners to stop letting workplaces limit their legacy. 

The Stop Waiting & Start Creating Workshop is a FREE one-hour workshop that will help you understand why it's important for seek funding for your Social Impact Business NOW. During this session, Dr. Omolara will give you a deep dive into the basics of building and procuring funding for your practice as a social entrepreneur. She'll also cover why this is one of the best times for Black female founders to start their social impact practice. In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How a social impact business that focuses on serving those with highest-need can access more diverse funding streams
  • How to take advantage of value-based reimbursement
  • How value-based reimbursement can help you gain more visibility for sustained business growth

In this episode of the Melanin & Medicine Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of understanding that purpose and profit can be linked as one and breaking through the boundaries you are putting up for yourself. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Determining what things you may need to get rid of in order to live the life of your dreams.
  • Linking purpose and profit together as one rather than seeing them as separate entities. 
  • Questions to ask yourself when considering if you are holding yourself back. 
  • The importance of becoming aware and comfortable with your own priorities instead of mirroring the priorities of others. 

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